Adventure in the kingdom of music

Literature was always one of Maria´s passions. Music and literature, combined together, brought to her an idea to compose a musical story for children, a symphonic tale, "Adventure in the Kingdom of Music", parts 1 and 2. Based on these compositions she wrote 2 books. Both books were published by Tamara-Press publisher house ( Sankt Petersburg - Beijing) and presented first time to the readers ( and the listeners) in Beijing, China, in 2015 and 2016 year. Symphonic premiere of "Adventure in the Kingdom of Music" part 1 on 25th October 2015, and part 2 on 4th June 2016.

Books are translated to German, English and Chinese, and available for purchase as printed or digital versions. Please, contact Maria for more details!

skeletons from frau nauen´s closet

Everyone, who comes to a certain point in their life has to share a lot about their life story. Everyone actually can write a book about his or her life, and it will be unique. As unique, as everyone´s life is. So, when Maria turned 50, she decided that this was the right time to write that kind of book " Skeletons from the Frau Nauen´s Closet" : the book about all the "rollercoasters" of her life, her travels, and her experience of living and adapting to three cultures -Chinese, Russian and Austrian.

The book is about many of her private and professional secrets, which she would like to share not only with her family and friends but the colleagues and anyone who would like to know about the backstage life of artists, intrigues, broken and new relationships. Myths about a happy and easy life in emigration. Losts and founds. Death and life.

This book is not only an autobiographical piece, but an art gallery too: it includes illustrations, paintings of Maria´s parents and her original works. Rare family photos of the last 3 generations. The book was published by publisher house "LIT" in Vladivostok, Russia in 2021, yet in Russian language, but soon will be in English too.

The book won a special sympathy prize from the jury of the Russian Writers Union and since 2023 Maria has become an official member of this Union.

The book is available for purchase as a printed or digital version, for more details please, contact Maria.