Maria holds two diplomas as a professional performer and educator, a Bachelor´s ( B.A) and a Master's (M.A), graduated with the honour of Excellency from Music College ( Vladivostok, Russia) and Far-East Pedagogical Institute of Arts ( later Far-East Academy of Arts).

Since she started to learn music, Maria was inspired by her teachers ( Zinaida Bespalova at music school, Zinoviy Fishov at music college and Felix Kalman at Far-East Academy of Music and Arts) and since an early age, she wanted to be as great as they are and become a music teacher.

Her teaching experience started at the age 18th, when she got her first students as a part of pedagogical studies at Music College in Vladivostok, Russia. A few years later, at age 25, she became a Violin teacher at Central Music School No. 1 named after Sergey Prokofiev - the same school where her first violin teacher, Zinaida Bespalova introduced violin to her.

Lately, when Maria moved to China, she established her private music classes at the German Embassy´s School, where she taught children of different ages and nationalities violin, viola and piano from 2007 until 2023. Many of her students were winners of international music competitions and later became professional performers.

After leaving China in 2023 and moving back home, to Austria, Maria continues teaching children internationally, as well as supporting her students in China at her online lessons.

If you need a professional violin, viola or piano tutor, feel free to contact Maria.